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  1. Introverts Are Funny Too
    07 Oct, 2016
    Introverts Are Funny Too
    Being an introvert does not mean I have no sense of humor.  I have a very strong, very weird, very eclectic, oddball, quirky, and sometimes inappropriate sense of humor.  I just... don't always choose to share my hilarity with everyone else. Being quiet and responsible and "prim" comes naturally, especially when I am not sure who my audience is, or if I'm not fully comfortable being myself with people.  Once that wears off... watch out! What brings this up, you ask?  Well.  I've had at least
  2. Reading Again...
    05 Oct, 2016
    Reading Again...
    I have been hit with a longing to go back and re-read all of Alistair MacLean's books.  Well, most of them.  I discovered them years ago, starting with Athabasca and Where Eagles Dare.  I was actually less than impressed with Athabasca on first read -- as my dad kindly pointed out, the man has a thing for extremely long sentences.  As in, almost a paragraph in length. In fairness, it was a paperback book, so... there's that.  But Athabasca was a slower read.  Alistair MacLean had a very
  3. Random Thoughts, #33
    03 Oct, 2016
    Random Thoughts, #33
    My brother just showed me the newest trailer for Rogue One, a StarWars film coming out in December.  I can't tell you how excited I am by the fact that we are going to get another STAR WARS movie!!  And with so many big names and good actors involved! (Excuse me while my inner nerd jumps up and down and squeals in glee...) I read a blog post by @theAimeeMeester about stories, and how they impact us.  Movies, television series, music, books, plays... all of it plays a part.  I'm not usually one