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  1. Guest Post: Traveling From Home
    19 May, 2016
    Guest Post: Traveling From Home
    I want to take this opportunity to share something beautiful with you.  May 19 is my birthday, and this year it was my 30th.  No crisis ensued, by the way.  But as I was pondering what to write about... the dear best friend and sister of my heart sent me a link to her very first blog post.  It blew me away and blessed my heart.  I want to share that with you. (Originally published on  May 14, 2016 by Lydia Bowman.) Traveling... From Home. Dear gentle
  2. Why I Hike
    18 May, 2016
    Why I Hike
    Hiking is a wonderful activity.  It fairly screams HEALTHY and NATURE and RELAXATION... right?  Well.  I was contemplating the whys and whats about hiking the other day... and here's what I came up with. Why on earth do I hike? Seriously, I mean.  I was hot, sweaty, my legs and butt and shoulders hurt, I was tripping over every rock in my path (and it was Pennsylvania, there are LOTS) and I was trying to figure out what about this was appealing enough that I was pushing myself to do it. Most
  3. Driving in Silence (Or Not)
    17 May, 2016
    Driving in Silence (Or Not)
    I am quite sure you are all tired of hearing about how my trip is going... so I will take a tiny detour and talk about driving and music and such.  (I know, SO different.) I have come to the conclusion that I don't mind traveling alone.  I can spend a lot of time in my own head, happily entertaining myself.  I do miss being able to share things with someone -- a laugh, the view, a story, etc.  But I'm really very okay with being alone. I have had some extremely long drives on this trip.  I am
  4. Acadia National Park
    16 May, 2016
    Acadia National Park
    (written Wednesday, May 17) Today I thought I would write a short piece on "how to experience Acadia National Park in 8 hours or less."  The easy answer (and the best thing to tell you if you are short on time) is simple: Don't. I was driving from Rockland, Maine to Acadia National Park.  It is about a 2 hour drive, easy roads, little towns and slow speeds.  It was pretty and I enjoyed it.  The ranger station is easy to spot, has restrooms, and I have to give mad props to the Park Ranger who
  5. Calm the Duck Down... Most People Live
    15 May, 2016
    Calm the Duck Down... Most People Live
    This week I have had the privilege of going through a WALS Course (Wilderness Advanced Life Support Class) on Hurricane Island, Maine.  The course had a bunch of funny moments and learning points, and the Island was beautiful.  It was also rustic enough that I had no cell service or internet access.  I survived, everyone! Here are some of my notes from the class.  We had 12 students, three instructors.  (Five girls, 7 boys, if anyone was wanting to know the exact breakdown in student
  6. The Adventure Begins
    14 May, 2016
    The Adventure Begins
    (written 5-12-16)  The adventure begins!!  (Or, Life Without Internet or Cell Service...!) I have no idea if I will get to post this from Hurricane Island or not… probably not… but I wanted to write while things were still fresh in my mind.  Fingers crossed that I can keep myself on track and not burn through too much battery. Anyway.  After a lovely night at the motel in Rockport (oh my gosh, the BED was phenomenal!) and a leisurely wake up in the morning... I headed down the coastline to
  7. Road Trip
    13 May, 2016
    Road Trip
    Road Trip! Not words guaranteed to make me incandescently happy… not when I’m driving, anyway.  I dislike being the person behind the wheel of a vehicle.  Certainly not when I’m facing a 13-15 hour drive.  But… I like vacations and trips and traveling.  Impasse reached.  I don’t normally put a lot of detail into my posts when it comes to locations, but suffice it to say I drove from work last night (on the road by 8:45 pm) from Ohio into Pennsylvania.  The plan?  Drive as long as possible
  8. Random Shenanigans
    12 May, 2016
    Random Shenanigans
    Spoiler Alert:  This post is going to be random.  With possible shenanigans.  And funnies.  I am leaving for Maine either Monday PM or Tuesday AM (really early) so I have been writing these blog posts ahead.  So technically this will be my May 12 post... but it is only the 9th.  Thumbs up to me.  This.  This is me today.  I packed my new backpack yesterday evening after a long day, and I am simply hoping I remembered everything important.  I packed the normal stuff (socks, etc) and clothes;
  9. Songs of My Life
    11 May, 2016
    Songs of My Life
    I've been giving a lot of thought to my blog post topics, and trying to figure out what kind of a "rotation" might work.  And...  Yeah, that is going on the back burner.  I try to vary the topics so nobody gets burned out by my writing posts or my EMS posts or even my random posts.  Ha. Music has been on my mind for the last couple of days.  Sunday we were worshiping and I couldn't help noticing that it was an "old-school" Sunday.  We had two additions to our group: one was my best friends baby
  10. Wilderness Class Study Session
    10 May, 2016
    Wilderness Class Study Session
    (Saturday AM: 0001-0145) I am multi-tasking.  It is a skill I have worked hard to perfect.  And... yeah, I'm sure I don't REALLY have it perfected. So tonight, let me share some excerpts from the study material I am using to prepare myself for the Wilderness Advanced Life Support course.   All of these quotes are from the 6th Edition Wilderness and Rescue MEDICINE textbook by Jeffrey E. Isaac, PA-C and David E. Johnson, MD.   "Recognizing or anticipating the development of a major problem
  11. Mother's Day
    09 May, 2016
    Mother's Day
    Mother’s Day is a day we pause nationally to honor our moms.  I wanted to do a spectacular post on Mother’s Day, something truly special to commemorate the moment.  And as usual, I find myself staring at the computer, trying to pull words out of somewhere to say what I mean. My mom is a generational anomaly.  If you’ve ever heard the term “millennials” or “greatest generation”…  Well.  She was born at the very end of her generation, one of the youngest members in her family.  Her parents were
  12. Victory in Europe Day
    08 May, 2016
    Victory in Europe Day
    Sunday May 8 will be a lot of things this year, including Mother's Day.  It is also going to be the 71st anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) Day.  I am a huge WWII nut, so I am really excited about writing about that topic.  (I actually can't believe I have restrained myself as long as I have in regards to writing about my passion for WWII.) Well then.  Let me correct this oversight.  I am a WWII reenactor.  I do my best to recreate the time period through use of accurate clothing and
  13. Beautiful People May Edition Challenge
    07 May, 2016
    Beautiful People May Edition Challenge
    I was delighted to see Cait @ Paper Fury (  had put together another Beautiful People post for May.  These are designed for writers to help get to know their books and characters better – and it is FUN.  I have so enjoyed getting to see other writer’s works in progress! My current WIP has not changed, it is still my unwieldy bundle of joy and headaches: Stand in the Rain.  It fits neatly into NO category, preferring to overlap and intertwine and completely refuse to stay inside
  14. What Country Means
    06 May, 2016
    What Country Means
    This is what it means to be country. Sounds like a country song, right?  (Hold on a minute while I check.) (Okay I’m back.  According to Google, nope.  Not a country song.) I have lived in the country – the boonies – middle of nowhere – take your pick.  The closest “town” is a village, and that is five minutes away.  I live on a dirt road, and it takes almost five minutes to hit pavement (or tar and chip / chip and seal roads, for that matter).  My mom is a farmer.  Not like the big
  15. Book Dragon Recommendations
    05 May, 2016
    Book Dragon Recommendations
    I am a bookworm.  Excuse me, a Book DRAGON (Cait / @PaperFury knows what I mean!)… and as such, it is my solemn, sworn duty to recommend quality books for people.  Yes.  EVERYONE. It helps that I have read a lot, and will continue reading.  As I interact with writers on Twitter, it is alarmingly evident that there is an entire world of Young Adult and New Adult books out there that I have never ever HEARD of, let alone READ.  For now, I am strangely okay with this. One of my cousins has a
  16. May the 4th Be With You
    04 May, 2016
    May the 4th Be With You
    May the 4th Be With You!! I was twelve when my parents finally let me and my brother stay up late and watch the original Star Wars trilogy.  (Staying up “late” meant past our bedtime of 8 p.m.).  I’ve been a huge fan ever since, even though my brother chased me down the dark hallway making Darth Vader breathing noises… I can still remember the torture of waiting a week to borrow the remaining two movies from my best friend’s family… and then waiting impatiently until the “time was right” to
  17. Scars Tell Stories
    03 May, 2016
    Scars Tell Stories
    There is a big difference between scars and wounds. My sister has scars.  As a cancer survivor, she has scars from her surgeries.  My brother had a significant head injury when he was young and he has the scar from 27 stitches.  I have multiple little "scars" from various injuries.   My ear drums, for example.  I have scarring on my ear drums from having tubes in them multiple times as well as "bursting" them during water rescue class.  I had a sinus infection when I was in class and trying
  18. Pain is Temporary
    02 May, 2016
    Pain is Temporary
    There are a lot of things they don't tell you about when you decide you want to become part of fire and ems.   They don't tell you about the lack of sleep.  The interrupted meals.  The mental changes that come with doing this job.  And they don't tell you about the pain. This is a physical job.  It demands endurance, strength, flexibility and determination.  Right now, my shoulders and neck muscles are tight bands of pain from doing CPR... on Saturday.  (In case you were wondering, it is
  19. Fabulous Old Films
    01 May, 2016
    Fabulous Old Films
    Old movies... sometimes cheesy, sometimes heart wrenching... Here are some of my favorite old movies and why I would watch them over and over again. My Sister Eileen (1942) is one of my favorite old movies, hands down.  Rosalind Russell is simply phenomenal.  The movie is about two sisters who are moving from Columbus, Ohio to NEW YORK CITY.  The older sister, Ruth, is going to be a writer.  Eileen, the younger sister, is planning to be an actress.  Ruth (Rosalind Russell) is a
  20. Challenge Accomplished
    30 Apr, 2016
    Challenge Accomplished
    Well I did it.  I made it through 10,000 squats in 90 days.  It was a challenge.  I was doing well with doing body weight squats early in the challenge.  It was a "low" number I was doing to keep abreast with the numbers required in the challenge... and then I got tired. I got busy, and it got easier to let it go.  To let consistency fade, and put it off until later.  This was aided in part by the fact that my knees were protesting the extra strain.  My chiropractor adjusted my back and that
Made 4 Him

Made 4 Him is the blog I started this January, and I would like to welcome you to the adventure.

I have one goal: to carry the presence of Christ with me wherever I go, to reflect Christ in all I do, and worship Him with my life. I was made for a purpose, with a grand and glorious adventure ahead of me. I believe God gave us LIFE, and He intends us to have life to the FULL.

My purpose and goal in writing and hosting a blog is simply to glorify Him. Why do I write? Because that's what He created me to do. I can't NOT write.

Writing is the way I can share the things God is showing me, teaching me and encouraging me as I walk. Hebrews 10:23-25 comes to mind: "Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near." (ESV)

I want my writing to encourage others and build them up in Christ. As a writer, I am a signpost pointing back to Christ, always being ready to answer those who want to know more about the hope that I cling to.

I want every bit of my writing, from humor about EMS scenarios or sharing about my writing process to have that overarching theme -- my faith may not be defined and stated in each line, but it is part of the fabric of who I am, so much so that there can be no doubt about who I serve or where I stand.

My blog doesn't have a simple topic I am writing about, because life isn't simple. I'm not a machine that only can function and complete one task. He created me to be a writer, but He also has placed me in a position to serve Him as a paramedic and a firefighter. He is challenging me physically with running, swimming and biking. He has blessed me with opportunities to travel.

In the Old Testament it talks about the the words of God's commandments being on your heart, taught to your children... talked of as you sit at home, as you walk along the roads, when you rise up and when you lie down, written on your doorposts and on your gates. (Deuteronomy 6) This is how my faith should be, and everything flows out as an extension of my faith.

My blog is about the journey and the adventure He is taking me on, the situations and people and lessons I am learning as I go.
I believe writing should make a difference, be meaningful, to have a purpose. Sometimes, that purpose is simply to fulfill the calling placed on my life. It is a way to process and understand what He is sharing with me. It is a way for me to document the mile stones along my path in following Him, so I can look back and see where I have walked.

And at the end of the day... my hope and my passion is that everything in my life would glorify Christ.

                                                                                  Soli Deo Gloria -- Glory to God Alone