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  1. Go To Vegan Recipes
    28 Jun, 2016
    Go To Vegan Recipes
    Okay, so food has been on my mind lately.  I shared some of my favorite summer foods... but I would like to talk about one of my favorite recipes from -- Angela Liddon's cookbook Oh She Glows. Are you ready?  Of course you are.  It is Chickpea Salad.  This stuff is beyond amazing.  And, well, I can't exactly say that I make the recipe as it is written.  My take on recipes is mostly like... "more like... guidelines... than actual RULES" anymore. I smell my food.  And I
  2. Delays and Disappointments
    27 Jun, 2016
    Delays and Disappointments
    June has been a month of reality checks.  I would say delays and disappointments and detours have abounded, but it has still been a good month. I started the month looking forward to a Triathalon, riding about 100 miles on my bike, swimming, running a 5K and a 10K on my own, and writing. All I can say is that nothing but writing happened this month that I was planning on doing.  And even then, my writing has been a mad scramble to put words on paper.  Some days, most of those words are my
  3. Java Java Java
    26 Jun, 2016
    Java Java Java
    It has been a while since I extolled the multiple virtues of coffee.  Please allow me to rectify this as quickly as possible.  Emphasis on as quickly as possible because I have approximately 25 minutes before I have to have 750 words down on a page.  EEP! So.  Coffee. I didn't always love coffee so very dearly, but I love it so very dearly now... My mom always drank instant coffee when I was growing up.  I knew how to make mom's coffee, and then at gas stations, she would drink cappucino and
  4. WIP Joy June Edition
    25 Jun, 2016
    WIP Joy June Edition
    Okay folks... this is going to be a long, writerly post.  One of my Twitter friends Bethany A. Jennings (@simmeringmind) does a semi-regular WIPJoy tag on Twitter.  WIP stands for Work-in-progress and it is a good daily prompt sheet to get you thinking about things you have written, or things that you can add into your stories. I love participating.  Since I fell wildly behind halfway through the month, I decided I would take the day and complete it and use it as a blog post.  Cue evil
  5. It's Friday Again
    24 Jun, 2016
    It's Friday Again
    It's Friday. Wait, it's FRIDAY?! Again?? Some weeks feel like forever, some are gone faster than a blink. Some are a blurred combination-- fast with some crystal clear moments of slowing down. This week I literally think I blanked out on the entirety of my week. Friday I went to sleep, and I woke up on Friday the following week. Grrr. So I sat down and thought about what happened last week and here are some of the things that I remember. I went "camping" in my hammock with my sister for the
  6. Life of a Traveler
    23 Jun, 2016
    Life of a Traveler
    Today... is Throwback Thursday.  Or Travel Thursday.  Or Travel - Turkey Edition.  Take your pick.  I would like to share with you my thoughts as I traveled home from Turkey last November.  I never got a chance to share them at the time, and I think today would make a nice day for that. Life of a Traveler As I sit on the airplane on my second leg home, all I can think is that things seem to be going well. The toilets are sitters, you can throw toilet paper and tissue paper INTO them and they
  7. Bookworm List Update
    22 Jun, 2016
    Bookworm List Update
    Not so very long ago, I published a blog post on a "TBR" pile (figurative, not a literal pile) of books I was planning on reading.  I have been astounded and astonished by the fact that I have gotten five of the ones I wrote about read, and another one started. Last Tuesday at work was a very productive day.  And so was Sunday... And because I know all of you were DYING TO KNOW how they were, I'm going to share my thoughts on the ones I have conquered. KENAN was first on my list.  It is
  8. MASH 4077
    21 Jun, 2016
    MASH 4077
    M.A.S.H. 4077 wasn't a TV show I grew up watching, but I have enjoyed watching it as a grown-up.  Hawkeye Pierce is one of my favorite characters.  Sarcasm, snark and sass.  This might be a recurring theme for things that I like... My absolute favorite episode is Yankee Doodle Doctor, where they were making a film at the 4077th about medicine and doctors in Korea.  It had a ton of shenanigans and over-acting and ridiculousness... but I was riveted by Hawkeye's "end piece" to the film. It
  9. Unexpected Cinema
    20 Jun, 2016
    Unexpected Cinema
    Tonight I found myself thinking about movies that have surprised me.  Ones that most people roll their eyes at, but that make me go back and watch them more than once.  Not the big blockbuster movies like Marvel’s superhero movies, or Star Wars, or Pride and Prejudice.  No, I’m talking about more… random… movies than that. For starters… Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  Well.  Let me start by saying I do NOT do zombies.  That is like a 99.9% absolute NO for me.  But I’m really glad I gave this
  10. Father's Day
    19 Jun, 2016
    Father's Day
    Dad was wearing the t-shirt I had gotten for him a while back today: DADDY you are as clever as YODA, as loyal as OBI-WAN, as fearless as Luke Skywalker. You are our FAVORITE JEDI. I loved the t-shirt the moment I saw it for a lot of reasons, including the fact that I am a huge nerd.  The fact that my entire family are Star Wars fans is also a huge plus. One of my favorite memories growing up was getting Dad to "talk like Yoda"... and he entertained us royally for as long as he could keep a
  11. Eat Fresh
    18 Jun, 2016
    Eat Fresh
    The unexpected and unprecedented happened on Saturday -- I went to the Saturday Farmers Market to help my mom.  My dad usually goes with her to help set up and tear down, especially since she is the person primarily responsible for getting the road closed and marking spots for vendors. The same is true at the end of the day -- she has to make sure the roads get re-opened in a timely manner and so forth.  Since this weekend was the two day Cowboy Action Shoot my dad was participating in, it fell
  12. Daze of EMS
    17 Jun, 2016
    Daze of EMS
    Some days we have bad days.  Some days are good days.  And some days are simply a DAZE.  That was my Thursday.  The fact that I was working on Thursday for 24 hours (I traded my Friday) already had me uber confused.  The fact that I picked up a 12 hour shift on Wednesday pm and went out of town at O-dark-thirty (got the call at 0440 / left the hospital at 0545…) well, I was well and truly hosed mentally. In fact, I bought a Mt. Dew and drank the entire thing during the day. My co-workers
  13. Traveling Vegan
    16 Jun, 2016
    Traveling Vegan
    I ran into a friend who travels recently, and we got to talking about our recent trips -- hers on a school trip to France and Spain, my trip to Turkey last November.  We were laughing about some of the challenges of travel, and I was reminded of being vegan and traveling in Turkey. There IS a word in Turkish for vegan.  I know, because I found it in the Berlitz guide I carried around for two weeks.  In actual reality... Turkey barely knows the word vegetarian and what THAT means.  Vegan is a
  14. Book List: TBR
    15 Jun, 2016
    Book List: TBR
    Because I don’t have any less than forty projects going at any one point, I decided I should put together a TBR (to be read) list of books.  I can’t promise that I’ll read them in any order, or any time soon… (remember, the 40 projects going) BUT.  I have so many good ones lurking on my kindle begging to be opened.  Several of these are books that I found “by accident” but several others are books I have been WAITING FOR and have yet made time to read.  Kenan (book 1 in the Katkiller series)
  15. Both Sides of the Coin
    14 Jun, 2016
    Both Sides of the Coin
    I grew up with the premise that there is one big difference between fiction and reality... that fiction needs to make sense.  After putting my short story out there for the world to see (okay, I know this blog isn't read by THAT many people, so I'm actually relatively safe!) I was pondering how much harder it was for me to hit "publish post" on THAT one vs many others that I have shared.  I have done some very personal posts about a variety of things, but this was one of the harder ones to let
  16. Behind the Scenes
    13 Jun, 2016
    Behind the Scenes
    Part of the reason I've been behind on blog posts this week is because I wrote a short story over two days.  For the record, it took two days only because I squeezed work and life and sleeping in between writing sessions... Grin.  Anyway. I don't often share my fiction, so this is new and terrifying territory.  This is a short story about a very peripheral character in my current Work In Progress, but since he will be playing a larger role in a follow up story, I wanted to pursue his back
  17. Sister Moments
    12 Jun, 2016
    Sister Moments
    Saturday was a lot of things.  The end of my 24 hour shift, for one thing.  The day we had humid and 90+ for temperatures.  Another Farmers Market day for my mom. And it was the day that my sister and I went to a cousin’s wedding shower.  The wedding shower was nice – got to see some relatives we don’t see often.  Got to meet a several new babies of cousins… and met the bride-to-be for the second time.  It is getting to be a tradition, we meet new additions to the family either at weddings or
  18. Grief
    11 Jun, 2016
    To be honest, I didn't want to write this blog post.  Grief isn't funny, interesting or motivational in any way, shape or form.  It sucks.  It hurts.  It changes you, and you will never be the same person after you are touched by grief. It has been a rough week or two. I didn't lose anyone personally.  No, its more subtle than that.  A close friend of my family -- who is FAMILY herself -- lost her mom.  Watching her deal with the loss, the memorial service and funeral... and watching my mom
  19. Expectation VS Reality
    10 Jun, 2016
    Expectation VS Reality
    I always expected that I would be much more talented when I "grew up."  You know -- multilingual, highly skilled in shooting pistols, knowing how to throw knives...  Or that I would be full time as a firefighter / paramedic.  Or even that I would be traveling the world, writing stories that bring the important, unnoticed and overlooked stories into focus. Yeah, none of that is even remotely true.  Unless you count sarcasm as a second language?  In which case, I'm fluent in
  20. Musical Adventures
    09 Jun, 2016
    Musical Adventures
    I got the chance to work with an EMS partner the other day who loves musicals and and that means that we will "spontaneously burst into song" while going about their shift... and it prompted me to think about musicals and the ones I love.  This is completely different from the best musical soundtracks / scores, by the way. So.  Let the screen unfold in front of you, and the music fill your ears.  (Also, to the coworker at the FD who reminded me of the culture to be found in Bugs Bunny --
Made 4 Him

Made 4 Him is the blog I started this January, and I would like to welcome you to the adventure.

I have one goal: to carry the presence of Christ with me wherever I go, to reflect Christ in all I do, and worship Him with my life. I was made for a purpose, with a grand and glorious adventure ahead of me. I believe God gave us LIFE, and He intends us to have life to the FULL.

My purpose and goal in writing and hosting a blog is simply to glorify Him. Why do I write? Because that's what He created me to do. I can't NOT write.

Writing is the way I can share the things God is showing me, teaching me and encouraging me as I walk. Hebrews 10:23-25 comes to mind: "Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near." (ESV)

I want my writing to encourage others and build them up in Christ. As a writer, I am a signpost pointing back to Christ, always being ready to answer those who want to know more about the hope that I cling to.

I want every bit of my writing, from humor about EMS scenarios or sharing about my writing process to have that overarching theme -- my faith may not be defined and stated in each line, but it is part of the fabric of who I am, so much so that there can be no doubt about who I serve or where I stand.

My blog doesn't have a simple topic I am writing about, because life isn't simple. I'm not a machine that only can function and complete one task. He created me to be a writer, but He also has placed me in a position to serve Him as a paramedic and a firefighter. He is challenging me physically with running, swimming and biking. He has blessed me with opportunities to travel.

In the Old Testament it talks about the the words of God's commandments being on your heart, taught to your children... talked of as you sit at home, as you walk along the roads, when you rise up and when you lie down, written on your doorposts and on your gates. (Deuteronomy 6) This is how my faith should be, and everything flows out as an extension of my faith.

My blog is about the journey and the adventure He is taking me on, the situations and people and lessons I am learning as I go.
I believe writing should make a difference, be meaningful, to have a purpose. Sometimes, that purpose is simply to fulfill the calling placed on my life. It is a way to process and understand what He is sharing with me. It is a way for me to document the mile stones along my path in following Him, so I can look back and see where I have walked.

And at the end of the day... my hope and my passion is that everything in my life would glorify Christ.

                                                                                  Soli Deo Gloria -- Glory to God Alone