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  1. It's My Turn to Pee! And Other EMS Related Comments
    25 Feb, 2016
    It's My Turn to Pee! And Other EMS Related Comments
    Today has been an EMS full-throttle kind of day.  We nearly started the shift by taking the first call; as it was, we were a close second.  After that, things began to blur just a bit.   My day started bright and early since I had to get fasting blood work done this morning.  Fortunately, everything went like clock work and I was in and out in a minimum of time and fuss.  I am now awaiting my lab results (but I'm not holding my breath). I made it to work on time, and had just finished heating
  2. Every Trail Connects
    24 Feb, 2016
    Every Trail Connects
    Yesterday evening, I was looking for something to do today.  I had an entire day off (other than teaching a CPR class) and I was full of grand ambitions, and unrealistic ideas of how motivated I would be in the morning. I woke up to rain.  And rain in February is a far, far different thing than rain in, say, June.  I don't feel like dodging raindrops while hiking. Which is why I am sitting here, waiting to go on an "adventure" with my parents.  We are going to go see my sister's new horse. But
  3. Thoughts on My Profession
    23 Feb, 2016
    Thoughts on My Profession
    Today I was thinking about things that bother me about the profession I work in (Fire and Emergency Medical Services). The list on any given day can be long and varied. I've been in the Fire and EMS service for 10+ years. A lot has changed in that time. I have worked in a volunteer Fire and EMS organization, I have worked Private EMS, I have been part time on a "city" Fire Department running EMS, and I've worked for an all-EMS county service. I've grown comfortable with my skills and the set of
  4. Eagle Up
    20 Feb, 2016
    Eagle Up
    Today I did 400 squats.  I know, I had to add and re-add my "sets" to make sure I did the math correctly.  I did it, though.  400.  When I started the Charity Challenge of Squats, I was hoping that I might be able to hit the low end of the challenge by logging 10,000.  The other levels (20K and 30K) I didn't even bother thinking about. I like squats about as much as I like push-ups (which I can't do other than modified or girly ones) and slightly more than I like burpees.  Probably also just
  5. Writer Challenge
    19 Feb, 2016
    Writer Challenge
    I've been reading a lot of blog posts lately.  A lot of "become a better writer" articles, a lot of "build your character" posts... and seeing a lot of "find your niche" stuff.  It's kind of intimidating as I am trying to start a second blog,  I write for myself.  That's always been my modus operandi. And part of my cringes as I try to do this, because, well... it's not PERFECT.  It's not... LOGICAL.  I have no pattern, or way to organize this.  I want to succeed at this.  Part of
  6. Medic Madness
    19 Feb, 2016
    Medic Madness
    Walk a mile in my shoes.  A mile is a finite distance, easily traveled by most.  But where these boots have been... now that's the real story. Yesterday, my boots -- well worn, somewhat scuffed, uniform boots -- were jammed on my feet as I gathered up my food and gear for my pending shift.  They are six inches "high" so that I meet the compliance at my place of employment for the proper uniform boot.  The six inches is (in theory) for ankle support and to keep water, snow and anything else
  7. Knowing is Half the Battle
    18 Feb, 2016
    Knowing is Half the Battle
    They say "knowing is half the battle" and "admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery." They may have a point. I have changed many flat tires in my lifetime.  My dad made sure I could change a flat before turning me loose at 18 with a drivers license.  One year, I swear I changed it three times in under two weeks.  The first couple of times I had a flat tire, I simply didn't know I had a flat tire.  In my defense, the first time was on our dirt road, which is full of pot
  8. Lessons in EMS
    17 Feb, 2016
    Lessons in EMS
    Every time I see a new face entering the field of emergency medical services, I am reminded of all the things they DON'T tell you when you decide "I want to be an EMT." We had a rider on my ambulance (or "medic" in our specialized lingo) last shift.  A nice young lady who seemed normal enough, composed and polite.  She followed my partner and I around on calls and was enthusiastic enough about the experience that she stuck around after her scheduled four hour block of "ride time" was completed
  9. Writing Prompts, Life and Lunacy
    16 Feb, 2016
    Writing Prompts, Life and Lunacy
    I've been turning ideas over and over in my head, searching for just the right idea to form into the "Perfect Blog Post".  I've also been hunting for the proper way to decipher where I am going with Made4Him blog as well as moving forward with Life2theFull blog.  I've been haphazardly researching blogging and niche markets and making money blogging and... the fact is, I'm exhausted. Yep.  Exhausted.  Mentally and physically, actually.  I don't have any answers.  All I know is that I need to
  10. 10 Things About Me
    11 Feb, 2016
    10 Things About Me
    Things About Me I am a writer.  I like to write science fiction, fantasy, historical, fairy-tale re-telling, adventure, and stories that don't fall into any category.  I also write non-fiction, poetry (on occasion) and medical patient reports.  Some days it feels like the patient care reports are the ONLY thing I get to write. I am a reader.  I can't even begin to tell you all the different types of things that I love to read, but rest assured, it varies considerably.  I take books on a book
  11. Made 4 Him
    11 Feb, 2016
    Made 4 Him
    Deep breath.  Time to leap off the cliff edge again, this time with the starting of a new blog: Made 4 Him.  I have been truly enjoying my original blog, Life 2 the Full which I started in January 2015.  I'm not sure if this blog will replace the other, or if they will merge.  Either way, I will have my hands full. I'm excited about the opportunity to keep writing.  Please check out my original blog at  And keep watching here. Soli Deo Gloria --
Made 4 Him

Made 4 Him is the blog I started this January, and I would like to welcome you to the adventure.

I have one goal: to carry the presence of Christ with me wherever I go, to reflect Christ in all I do, and worship Him with my life. I was made for a purpose, with a grand and glorious adventure ahead of me. I believe God gave us LIFE, and He intends us to have life to the FULL.

My purpose and goal in writing and hosting a blog is simply to glorify Him. Why do I write? Because that's what He created me to do. I can't NOT write.

Writing is the way I can share the things God is showing me, teaching me and encouraging me as I walk. Hebrews 10:23-25 comes to mind: "Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near." (ESV)

I want my writing to encourage others and build them up in Christ. As a writer, I am a signpost pointing back to Christ, always being ready to answer those who want to know more about the hope that I cling to.

I want every bit of my writing, from humor about EMS scenarios or sharing about my writing process to have that overarching theme -- my faith may not be defined and stated in each line, but it is part of the fabric of who I am, so much so that there can be no doubt about who I serve or where I stand.

My blog doesn't have a simple topic I am writing about, because life isn't simple. I'm not a machine that only can function and complete one task. He created me to be a writer, but He also has placed me in a position to serve Him as a paramedic and a firefighter. He is challenging me physically with running, swimming and biking. He has blessed me with opportunities to travel.

In the Old Testament it talks about the the words of God's commandments being on your heart, taught to your children... talked of as you sit at home, as you walk along the roads, when you rise up and when you lie down, written on your doorposts and on your gates. (Deuteronomy 6) This is how my faith should be, and everything flows out as an extension of my faith.

My blog is about the journey and the adventure He is taking me on, the situations and people and lessons I am learning as I go.
I believe writing should make a difference, be meaningful, to have a purpose. Sometimes, that purpose is simply to fulfill the calling placed on my life. It is a way to process and understand what He is sharing with me. It is a way for me to document the mile stones along my path in following Him, so I can look back and see where I have walked.

And at the end of the day... my hope and my passion is that everything in my life would glorify Christ.

                                                                                  Soli Deo Gloria -- Glory to God Alone